Energy Impact  
Energy Portfolio Management
Energy Impact will proactively manage your company's internal energy functions, allowing you to focus on your core business while knowing that your internal energy operations rest in experienced hands.
Daily Operations
  • Invoice data capture, reporting, and processing functionality
  • Site, account, and category level reporting
  • Third party vendor management
  • Account-level management of site establishment and closure
  • Account-level research and platform-based reporting
  • Data analysis, including benchmarking of costs, usage, vendor spend, late fees, and additional components
Site Energy Assessment Process (SEAP)
  • The Site Energy Assessment Process (SEAP) identifies sites with costs and usage outliers--compared to historical data--by analyzing monthly utility bills and costs each month
  • The SEAP process includes a site assessment to determine cause of outliers increased usage and / or costs
  • A SEAP Action Plan is utilized to document all corrected energy issues
  • Each site is monitored and tracked to ensure sustainability of savings and operational fixes
Commodity Procurement
  • Monitor market conditions and opportunities
  • Solicit proposals from qualified suppliers
  • Negotiate and execute commodity agreements
  • Manage commodity agreement implementation, cost impact, and reporting
  • Verify pricing compliance against contracted rates
Financial Controls
  • Create annual budget along with monthly forecasts
  • Determine monthly accruals
  • Perform cost, budget, and exception analysis
  • Total energy expense financial management
  • Provide key data for Sarbanes-Oxley requirements
Demand Side Management (DSM)
  • Analysis of existing technologies
  • Inventory and analyze existing lighting design and metering devices
  • Review of current control systems
  • Develop DSM modeling, recommendations, and savings summary presentation
  • Assist with project management implementation
  • Manage all rebates processes to maximize available rebate opportunities
  • Monitor sustainability of all DSM initiatives
Landlord Expenses Management
  • Review and negotiate energy expense (electric, gas, and HVAC)
  • Create models to benchmark current and future energy charges (electric & HVAC)
  • Work with Landlords to correct identified issues
  • Track and report findings and financial impact to client
Telecom Management
Energy Impact offers comprehensive management services for all telecommunications and vendor data management services, including Tier One client representation, contract negotiations, and telecom capital purchases.
We offer custom-tailored telecommunication and data management services based on individual client's needs. Simply put, we serve as your outsourced telecommunications department for all levels of work.
  • Vendor Management- execute analysis, design, selection, and implementation supporting "best of market" network solutions.
  • Project Management- end-to-end project development, budgeting, and on-time installations.
  • Maintenance and Support- provide issues, billing, and vendor dispute resolution services.
  • Staffing- supplement or provide full Tier One training and IT resource solutions
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