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Our Work
Energy Portfolio Management:
Working with a 1,600 site national financial institution, Energy Impact developed and managed a strategic energy plan that allowed the client to better control their energy expense through three components: Utility Bill Platform and Data Analysis, Commodity Procurement, and Demand Side Management.
Utility Bill Platform and Data Analysis:
Sourced and implemented a paperless bill administration process achieving the following 12-month results.
  • Over 140,000 Invoices scanned, keyed and transferred to AP file within 36 hrs of receipt
  • Measured data accuracy rate of 99% or higher
  • Realized Savings in excess of $475,000
Commodity Procurement:
  • Execution of multiple commodity agreements resulting in aggregate savings in excess of $1.8 million
  • Consistent monitoring of agreements to ensure sustainability of savings coupled with risk mitigation
Demand Side Management:
  • Performed facility audits to identify opportunities
  • Developed detailed financial and operational models highlighting both operational and financial benefits
  • Implemented recommendations with impact in excess of $10 million for 975+ site client portfolio
Turnkey Project: Lighting Retrofit
Working with a major retailer, Energy Impact developed, justified, and implemented a lighting retrofit program designed to reduce energy by 36%, while improving the overall store design and product presentation in each of the company's 1000+ national sites.
Retrofit design and execution makes it easier to integrate improved lighting and flexibility with effective merchandising sales strategies.
Energy Impact's Lighting Retrofit Solutions have been shown to improve overall facility comfort and minimize product damage by significantly reducing store temperature levels. At the same time costs are contained as new lighting options last up to 5 times longer than existing client lighting designs.
Energy Process Analysis:
Working with a national retail facilities manager, Energy Impact was tasked with examining all facets of the organization's energy spend, usage, and infrastructure for multiple sites within the company's real estate portfolio. In determining a "best practices" approach, Energy Impact executed savings opportunities in excess of $100,000 through execution of procurement contracts, rate code opportunities, and streamlined invoice administration practices. Use of energy was improved through Demand Side Management audits designed to significantly reduce energy usage and associated green house gas emissions.
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