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From process re-engineering to capital improvement projects, Energy Impact develops, directs and measures all facets of project work within the highest standards of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
Demand Side Management (DSM)
Our DSM offering in focused to capitalize on opportunities to reduce facility/utility-related operating costs within Client's facilities. This initiative structure allows us to provide support to the Client sites for the identification and execution of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM's). To develop and execute projects, we plan to utilize our broad experience and leverage our position to draw off the market to get the right resources at the right time. This strategy allows us to provide the right internal and external resources required to meet the expectations.
The Approach
Our project development process is designed to understand the client's needs, criteria, system configuration and application. By having a clear vision of the overall objective, we can design an initiative to identify development and implement all of the retrofit projects that meet the clients' criteria.
DSM Overview
The process to identify project opportunities is a collaborative initiative with Energy Impact site personnel and the client. This allows us to understand the application and system configurations to design the most effective modification to the existing systems. The illustration below highlights the step in the process.
The Implication
Typical commercial and retail energy loads are comprised primarily of lighting and HVAC. In this environment significant improvements can be achieved through retrofits and control modifications which can save as much as 20% off the utility bill. Utility savings are broken into four general categories of which DSM is the largest comprising over 50%.
Energy projects deliver quantifiable cost savings that can be measured, tracked and managed. Energy Impact can help you identify, justify and implement these projects in a very efficient manner. Additionally, Energy Impact can track the impacts to ensure sustainability of the savings and the adherence to new systems and standards.
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